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i have on idea [19 Feb 2005|03:14pm]
[ mood | horny ]

well fuck i havent been in this thing for a long time cuz i have a myspace now so there

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not a clue [10 Jan 2005|07:35pm]
[ mood | horny ]

well im tring to loose weight and of course Tamra has to have something to say about it. i asked her help me and she wanted to be a lazy fuck like she always is and says oh i dont want to waste my time, why dont you get a p.e. class. fucking bitch i hate her she does not know the passion i have in music fuckin bitch cant hold a fucking high c. stupid ho. bitch fuckin cunt well im getting tutoring from an 8th grader thats is pretty sad. well im done and Dawn im mad at you but i wont show it you really need to find things to do when your being emo. well LOVE YA BITCHS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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depressed and drinking is not helping [31 Dec 2004|07:22pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

well less than 4 hours till the new year starts and im depressed and i drank jack & coke and im a bit lost. fuck well fuck HAPPY FUCKIN NEW YEARS YA FUCKS j/k. Laters

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depressed [25 Dec 2004|07:02pm]
[ mood | cold ]

well fuck this is another sad fucked up christmas. god i hate it fuck. i miss my mom a lot. Brandon is on fucked up person.i got him a toy and it was working fine when i was playing with it and then he took it outside and fucked it up and blamed me for getting him a broken toy. what the fuck is that shit.well my gf is here and i know i should be hangin with her but im not im here being emo cuz i hate life rite now.fuck i hate this place i should have gone to my aunts house and spent christmas there but no i decide to stay home and think that today will be good fuck that went to hell. well fuck i hate this i dont know wht else to say so later.

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dont have any clue of what the subject should be [26 Nov 2004|05:51pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

ok so im recovering from a hangover from thanksgiving dinner. God me and george got drunk asnd oh my god i dont remember anything.larae do you want to tell Dorothy that and try to ruin everything again ha bitch.well im bored and depressed at the same time. anyone who reads this could and who knew me and larae were going out, do you have any clue why i went out with her? cuz i have not a clue.yeah i liked her but i dont know why everyone saw it she treated me like shit but yet i liked her well tough shit now. LARAE IM GOING TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST I DONT KNOW WHY I DATED YOU, BUT NOW I REGRET IT ALL, ALL 7 TIMES. I REGRET HAVING ANY FEELINGS FOR YOU.YOU BROKE MY HEART AND DIDNT SEEM TO CARE. YOU TREATED ME LIKE SHIT, AND TRIED TO PLAY IT OFF. FUCK I HATE KNOWING THE FACT THAT I DATED YOU. YEAH I'LL GIVE YOU THIS YOU MADE ME HAVE A LITTLE CONFIDENCE IN ME BUT OTHER THAN THAT. YOU RUINED EVERYTHING. YEAH I'LL ADMIT THAT I WANTED TO TALK TO YOU AT SCHOOL, BUT REMEMBERING WHAT YOU TOLD DOROTHY AND TRIED TO RUIN IT. THANK GOD THAT IT BROUGHT US CLOSER. Well im still bored i cant wait till monday so i could see my g/f. ok well got to go. EAT MORE CHICKEN AND GET HORNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i hate larepoop [13 Nov 2004|09:15am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

fuck u lare. its not meghan its dorothy. i hate u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. wtf! u know y yr so mad at me? cause im a better g friend than u ever wer and ever will b. and ur jelious cuz meghan talks about me wen u realy want her to b talking about u. well u know wat? i dont think u evr liked her and i bet after like the 2nd time u wer just lust (to her). so there. bitch. gess wat after u she thaught shed never find love again. but then she found me. lare u r a compulsive liar. ur fat and ugly.and meghan dosnt giv a flying fuck wat happens to u. cause ur fat and ugly. and no one likes a fat ugly heart breaking ho. and iknow that ur gonna say. "say that to my face." so i will i hope u come to del in the am. im not saying i want to fight u or nothing i just wanna giv u a dirty look. and wen u come in none of those fake dreams plse. for example"oh my god i was running down bhs and i was naked and meghan and tamra wer trying to catch me but i got around them and i was wet and oh my god ther was tj. and then we made out." wtf! wel wat the hell is with you talking shit about Tamra, cuz ur so insecure with urself that you have to take it out on other plp and there flaws,BITCH at least they make a cream fr her face so srry to say ull be ugly frever. and u no wat shes not fat. ur the fat hor. nobody i know realy likes you. so there. and i dont care if u call me ugly cause i can addmit to it i dont have to walk to the shell staition w/ dawn to say shit like oh me and dawn are pretty and no one els is. i think ur pretty fucking fulgy. and u know wat ur not it enough to go find out ur own info. so u have to send messenger dawn out to be ur little spy. dont get me wrong tho i have no shit w/ dawn its u. u ugly bitch. if u wernt such a bitch mabey ud have real friends and mabey u and meghan would still be 2gether. and dont even try to bring gring george into this the only reason ur not still 2gether cause u treated her like trash and u wer w/ her 1 min and u through her away the next. wll now shes new and recycled bitch and ur jelious cuz u have to see her happier w/ another person and u have to talk shit about me cause u have nothing better to do w/ ur uslis life but critisize other people. and u know wat ur such a pussyshit cuz wen ever ur high or try to act high ur a fucking retard. rememder this " DUDE DUDE DOOOOOODE MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. OFF OF ONE HIT. trying to impress philip now arent we. or how about FLUSH! WOOOW MAN DUDE. HA HA. u self centerd egomaniacle bitch who will amont to nothing u fucking ass mungering ho. graaaaaaaaaaaaawr. how i hate u and ur ugly face. u make me want to hurl. and if ur not crying yet ur stronger than i thought.( yah right)BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!./

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who knows [16 Oct 2004|01:40pm]
[ mood | blah ]

well hey its been a while since i typed in this thing. so yeah nothing really Dorothy and me have almost been going out for 2 months, i didnt think it would happen. well i had my second game to play at yesterday ha, BHS won. yeah it was almost ten when Johnny came to pick me up oh my god i LOVE Dorothy so much ok when i was waiting for Johnny to pick me up Dorothy called me we were talking and she was like i wish i was sitting next to you. and i was like oh my god she is so sweet.well im bored i miss her so yeah im depressed a bit and shit. i turned down this ugly ass chick that likes me and this chick in my 5th per. who likes me but thinks it wrong and if we go out we would be able to get over this "phase". Seriously what the hell is that well i dont know what else to say "Dawn's coming back to skool!!!!!!!!!" Woooooohooooooo. well got to go . Laters

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not a clue [22 Aug 2004|04:46pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

ok yeah im going out with Dorothy and yeah im a happy bitch.fuck well i went to Dorothy's party yesterday i did not know that kathie would let us go but hey i was happy. i wish George was there but he was not home by the time i called him. Ok well Dorothy has this friend, Alexis and yeah she is a total drug addict and Tamra likes her. Well Dorothy and me were telling Tamra not to date her cuz she has a g/f and we dont want Tamra to turn out that way.Then Tamra was making Dorothy and me feel bad cuz she likes her. Well tough shit bitch. well we didnt get home until 10 last nite, Dorothy came and spent the nite last nite. oh my god ok last nite we were watching movies and Dorothy was laying on me and slowly we started holding hands and withen 10 minutes we were just laying there holding hands like no big deal and and like the person Tamra is she got pissy and took 27 head aches things and 5 tylonal pm shit and this morning started throwing up the shit and Dorothy took 7 of them and i got pissed as all hell and i went down stairs and put a cigeratte in my mouth and got her pissed and yeah we are fine now.well its 5:09 and Tamra is still asleep she has been sleeping all day. i fixed the new board i gave Dorothy for her birthday and i got her a new hat(ha no more mid valley) yeah ok . um ok George why do you think im lying to you ive been telling you everything im with Dorothy im over Larae for good there is nothing on my chest so whatever.yeah i know ive been acting strange lately and i dont know why ive just been pushing everyone away rite now so george please dont take it personally you should know that I LOVE YOU. well yeah bye

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dont know [18 Aug 2004|04:25pm]
[ mood | blah ]

well fuck first day of vacation and already its drama. fuck of course larae ditched me and george so she could talk to jesse. well um i really did not want jesse to come over but he did anyway. oh on the way home i was like to george that i would be pissed if larae would bring him home. and she did well whatever i got pissed larae got pissed everyone was all pissed but jesse. god damn him. well last nite i hated her and this morning but everything is ok now i still think she is mad at me but whatever i gave her, her kitty back and i dont think she hates me now. god ha tamra and dawn are going out hehehehe... ok well totally off the subject ok yeah when i first got home from oregon yeah i felt differnt around george but now i think everything is fine now i love him i just forgot how it felt to have a bestfriend around.

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bored, confused, and cranky all at the same time [09 Aug 2004|04:44pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

well ok i got back 3 days ago and already im all stressed out. fucking hell, ok the trip was ok everyone in katie's family is pretty normal. what the hell i think she was adopited, whatever well this weekend was pretty fun Ashley and pricella came over on sat. and fuck it was crazy god i regret it well a certain part but im glad i stopped myself and im a happy person for that other than that i guess the weekend was ok me and ashley had a heart to heart talk it was weird seeing another side of ashley. well i got sick sat. but to top it off i had a little fun (hint) a lot of drinking. then i got pissed and slept outside and it was cold and everyone was telling me to come back inside but i didnt and i got even sicker then yesterday i had i temprature of 102.8 and fuck i was a human heating pad. now im fine today i felt a bit sick and george and tamra was telling to stay home but i guess the thought of seeing my friends again made me feel better and i went to skool. once again i got attacked with make up i looked like a drag queen that i saw in S.F. well i dont no what else to say but once again i did all the work as usual well got to go.

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